Funds to assist the community!

Sienna's Community Funds refer to two separate (2) funding entities:  the Sienna Community Services Foundation (SCSF) and the Community Enhancement Funds (CEF).  

What is SCSF?

The SCSF (RAI) is a non-profit corporation established in 1999 to invest in the future of Sienna.  Designed to supplement and complement the functions of the existing homeowners' association, the Foundation enhances services and resources to the community through the sponsorship of programs, activities in and around Sienna. Additionally, the Foundation contributes to the community's reserve fund helping to offset major maintenance expenses as the community's assets age.

Children's Catastrophic Fund

Thank you for your interest in the Sienna Community Services Foundation (SCSF) Childrens Catastrophic Fund.  Sienna families with children who are facing catastrophic health issues may apply for grant funding to assist with medical expenses ($2000 max granted per year; applications may be submitted yearly).

What is the CEF?

Sienna Community Association's Community Enhancement Fund (CEF) is designed to invest in, enhance, and promote the sense of community within Sienna.  As Sawmill Lake and related villages grow, so does the fund.  

Who benefits from the funds?
All residents of Sienna. A Grant Advisory Committee comprised of Sienna homeowners assists the Foundation's Board of Trustees in determining areas of need and interest within the community.

The Foundation and CEF are funded by community enhancement/endowment fees which are assessed on every real estate transaction.  The maximum assessment, or contribution to the Foundation is equal to 0.005 (1/2) percent of the sale price of a home.  The fee remains as a deed covenant; therefore, when a property is re-sold in the future, a 0.005 (1/2) percent contribution is made to the Foundation at closing.  This allows the Funds to grow as Sienna grows. 

Please note that all Sienna residents who purchased homes prior to December 31st, 1999, or persons who entered into contracts for the purchase of a home prior to December 31st, 1999, are eligible for a one-time exemption from the foundation fee. This exemption lasts for as long as the initial owner retains title to the property, regardless of when the property is sold in the future. This one-time exemption expires after the first transfer of title. All future sales will be subject to payment of the community foundation fee.