We're here to help!

Located within the community, your onsite HOA staff is located at 9600 Scanlan Trace.  

Staff has returned to the office, but on a staggered basis (alternate days in office/alternate days remote).  Due to capacity limits (by governmental order) residents will need to make appointments as walk-in visits will be restricted.  Masks will also be required to enter any facility.  

Currently, you may reach staff by phone or email (individual emails below) 8 a.m., - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday, closed Saturday & Sunday.

Office Phone:  281/778-0778

Meet your Association staff:

Community Standards

Dami Roberts, Community Standards Asst Manager,

Deidra Tankersley, Community Standards Manager

Doug McGee, Community Standards Coordinator

Mallory Learman, Community Standards Coordinator,

Melanie Bollands, Community Standards Admin - Modifications

Michelle Fontenot, New Construction Administrator

Tiffany Rose, Community Standards Coordinator 


Andy Peal, Recreation Director

Debbie Gallardo, Recreation Supervisor (Facility Reservations)

Community Relations

Cyndi Hernandez, Community Relations Manager

Emi Jopio, Customer Service Coordinator

Shanelle Channell, Community Events Coordinator


Smita Parikh, Operations Coordinator

Troy Goodell, Operations Manager

Finance (including Assessments)

Judy Kosler, Accounting Manager,

Lolita Golden, Staff Accountant

Sean Herbold, Director of Finance


Dana Ippoliti, Executive Administrator

Lisa Cox, Community Manager

Sandy Denton, General Manager