Forgot your ID? No Worries – Your Amenity Access Credential is LIVE!

The Association is excited to announce that, for residents who already have the Sienna app on their phone, your Sienna Amenity Access Credential is “Live” and active for your use.   This means that you can now use your smart phone to access the community pools, instead of your Sienna ID card.    You haven’t downloaded the app yet or the Credential?  It’s easy!

Get the App

The Sienna app is available to download on iPhones or Androids through your App store (the app is free to download).  Just search “Sienna.”

1. Install, and Request Resident Access

2. Approval/confirmation of Resident Access may take up to 2 business days, although it is often sooner.

3. Set up your resident account.

New to Sienna or Just Never Got an ID?

Residents who have just moved to Sienna (or who have never picked up an ID before), will need to fill out a Resident ID/Credential profile; click here for the form.  All information and photos can be submitted electronically.  

Establish your Amenity Access Credential

1. In home screen, hit the Menu Bar (2 lines in upper left corner)

2. Choose Mobile Access Control, at the next screen, click on “Mobile Access Control” again and follow the instructions!  


Use the Credential to Access Pools (and Fitness Centers)

1. Open your App to your Home Page; Walk up to the gate reader & Shake your phone (Shake it like a Polaroid picture!).  Also, be sure that your Bluetooth is enabled.

2. A pop-up notification appears to confirm that your Credential has been sent.  

Gate attendants will check to see your Credential and/or view your app Profile (button in the upper left on your home page) to ensure that your account is in good standing and that your Credential is valid – just as they would check your Sienna ID at the gate(s).   Note:   Gates don’t actually “open” as a gate attendant must still check your Credential/ID.

During 2023, your current Sienna ID is valid and accepted for access, but this new tool means that you don’t have to worry if you’ve lost your ID or left it at home!  Kid’s cards/IDs for those 9 and under, are also valid during the 2023 pool season.  While not required, if you don’t have a Kid’s card or forget your’s at home, that child will go toward your guest count for that visit.

Lost ID?

If you have lost your Sienna card ID, it will be replaced through the App Credential.  As with any replacement ID, there is a fee ($20). Once replaced, the Credential stays on your phone/device and is useable as long as you remain a Sienna resident and/or the property account is in good standing.  

An Amenity Access Credential via the app, or Sienna ID, is required for any resident, 10 years and up, for access to community pools and facilities.