Community Standards - What to Know

One of the main functions of the Associations' Community Standards department is to ensure that all units, residential and non-residential, are in compliance with the governing documents and any Deed Restriction Guidelines.  

The Associations maintain a full time staff to assist residents with deed restriction enforcement and property modifications.  Staff recognizes that living in a master planned community may be new to residents, and that complying with Deed Restrictions may be unfamiliar.   To further assist residents in understanding Sienna's Community Standards, we've created the "Tips & Info" video links, located below.  Each video is less than 5 minutes long but packed full  of information.  

Proactive Deed Restriction Enforcement or "What We're Looking For..."

Home Improvement/Modification Applications - "As Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!"

Power Washing Your Property

Governing documents - including the detailed Deed Restrictions and Association Policies & Procedures - as well as Residential Guidelines, Pre-approved Paint and Stain colors, and more - are located within the resident portal after logging in.  

Further questions - feel free to give the Association office at call at 281/778-0778 or check out the "Contact Us" link on the Welcome Page for specific employee contact info.